​​1-Day (Or More) Training, brought to your location. All topics to fuel the mind with knowledge, insight, and breakthroughs while creating lasting behavior change. Topics include:

Motivating Others
Conflict Resolution

Time Mastery Level I & II
Coaching Skills for Leaders
Team Building for Teams
Emotional Intelligence Level I, II, & III

Addressing the top performance concerns of fast growing companies, yet customized to your organization's specific goals and desired outcomes.

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1-Day (or more) Training

Susan Liddy, MA

Founder, MindFuel Training(TM)

Helping High Achieving Women Have A Successful Career AND

A Beautiful Life. 


MindFuel Training
Consulting and Mentorship packages to focus on specific skills needed for your business to achieve greater sustainable profitability. Future-focused and custom designed to include key business success areas:

Executive Leadership

Peak Performance Coaching

Goal Setting & Planning

Soft-Skills Development

Leaders or team members work 1:1 with their mentor to identify overall goals plus barriers to success, and then take action bringing all involved into alignment to achieve them.

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Susan Liddy works with high achieving women whose success is at the expense of their well-being. She helps them enjoy career success AND a beautiful life.

As a Performance Psychology Trainer and Coach, Susan uses the principles of behavior modification, buddhist psychology, and the foundations of performance and motivation, to help high achievers tune into and implement their "Deepest Yes" leading to greater fulfillment in life, relationships, and enhanced joy.

Susan's work is inspired in part by Deci and Ryan’s Self-Determination Theory, Dr. Dan Siegel’s Interpersonal Neurobiology, Tony Schwartz’ work on the Power of Full Engagement, and the spiritual teaching of David Dieda and Osho. 

An accomplished speaker and trainer, Susan brings over 20 years experience of coaching, project management, team leadership, and business development to her clients.  She is a certified professional coach with a Master’s in Psychology, and is currently earning a Doctorate of Psychology, with a dual emphasis on Performance Psychology and Organizational Development.

In her spare time, Susan enjoys hiking California’s redwood and old oak forests.  She commits to weekly yoga and mindfulness practices, dancing, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Mini-Workshops are designed to enhance employees' existing skills, and develop new ones, leading to increased productivity and greater work satisfaction. Designed specifically for you and delivered at your location in 30, 50 or 90 minutes. Topics include:

Stress Monster to Stress Master
How to Overcome Procrastination

Reclaim Your Game: Peak Performance

Easy to schedule and coordinate, mini-workshops deliver a lot of value while providing a taste of our 1-Day (or More) Trainings. We bring our own projector, screen, and all audience handouts. ​​

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The Art & Neuroscience of Peak Living